About Us

A different Vision on the way we Feed the human body. That´s how SmoothieBike started.  “It wasn´t a business before. We just made the smoothies ourselves”

Kevin on the left (in blue) and Yesenia on the right

Our Story

Where It All Began

Kevin And Yesenia (Vegan and Vegetarian) Started SmoothieBike end of 2016 which is now a fast-growing business.

Like Kevin Says; Alimentation is one of the most important things. It´s important to put fuel in a car, else it won´t drive any further. So, it is in yourself. It’s important to find the correct Fuel!
All the things you eat/drink become part of you. Think about it.

Yesenia says “People should recycle their waste. At the end of the day,
the earth your home. It´s important to take care of it”
That´s why Smoothie Bike Recycles their glass bottles and delivers by Bike.

Their vision is to raise awareness about the impact of Alimentation. That it is of big importance for the earth we are living on, your physical state
and not to forget your Mental state.